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up Parent Directory 26-Oct-2018 06:07 - directory cgi-bin 26-Oct-2018 06:02 - unknown A study of high-density clathrate hydrates in the carbon dioxide-water system... 26-Oct-2018 05:58 4380k unknown ANALYSIS OF INSITU TEST DERIVED SOIL PROPERTIES WITH TRADITIONAL AND FINITE E... 26-Oct-2018 05:58 10480k unknown Accumulation of gas hydrates in marine sediments.pdf 26-Oct-2018 05:58 10032k unknown An Investigation of Deformation and Fluid Flow at Subduction Zones Using Newl... 26-Oct-2018 05:58 12964k unknown Applications of methane hydrate formation and decomposition.pdf 26-Oct-2018 05:58 6096k unknown Chemically reacting plumes, gas hydrate dissociation and dendrite solidificat... 26-Oct-2018 05:58 2276k unknown EXAMINATION OF THE EFFECTS OF BIOSURFACTANT CONCENTRATION ON NATURAL GAS HYDR... 26-Oct-2018 05:58 932k unknown GAS PRODUCTION FROM HYDRATE-BEARING SEDIMENTS.pdf 26-Oct-2018 05:58 3428k unknown Gas hydrate-filled fracture reservoirs on continental margins.pdf 26-Oct-2018 05:58 7392k unknown HYDRATE-BEARING SEDIMENTS-FORMATION and GEOPHYSICAL PROPERTIES.pdf 26-Oct-2018 05:58 11276k unknown IN-SITU KINETICS AND X-RAY COMPUTED MICROTOMOGRAPHY IMAGING STUDIES OF METHAN... 26-Oct-2018 05:58 12456k unknown Kinetic Studies of Gas Hydrate Formation Using In Situ Particle Size Analysis... 26-Oct-2018 05:58 4112k unknown MECHANICAL AND THERMAL STUDY OF HYDRATE BEARING SEDIMENTS.pdf 26-Oct-2018 05:58 4876k unknown Mathematical Modeling of Gas Production from Gas Hydrate Reservoirs.pdf 26-Oct-2018 05:58 3420k unknown Methane production from hydrate-bearing sediments.pdf 26-Oct-2018 05:58 5444k unknown Modeling and numerical simulation of salt transport and phas transitions in u... 26-Oct-2018 05:58 5284k unknown Modeling and simulation of methane production from hydrate reserves.pdf 26-Oct-2018 05:58 8368k unknown Molecular dynamics investigation of the free energy of melting of methane cla... 26-Oct-2018 05:58 3988k unknown NUMERICAL MODELING OF GAS RECOVERY FROM METHANE HYDRATE RESERVOIRS.pdf 26-Oct-2018 05:58 3732k unknown an investigation into gas production from methane hydrate.pdf 26-Oct-2018 05:58 3980k [HTM] google704cc797ca33040f.html 26-Oct-2018 05:58 4k

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