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Month: January 2021

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India Is Targeting Defenders of Indigenous Rights as ‘Terrorists’

India Is Targeting Defenders of Indigenous Rights as ‘Terrorists’ Adivasis and their allies are being persecuted for protesting development that destroys the environment By Virginius Xaxa on January 4, 2021       Adivasi woman signs a petition with her thumbprint during a campaign to organize. Credit: Joerg Boethling Alamy On October 8, 2020, Indian authorities arrested Stan Swamy, an…
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Zoom helps governments like China to censor people

ow Zoom violated its own terms of service for access to China’s market Like global tech companies before it, Zoom caved to the Chinese government, even when it meant overlooking basic human rights. Zoom helps people connect — but it also helps governments like China’s surveil and censor people.Andrew Lichtenstein / Corbis via Getty Images…
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