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Mohamed Iqbal Pallipurath

Mohamed Iqbal Pallipurath

Director at IQSoft Software Consultants

Kollam, Kerala, India

Education Management

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25+ Years Teaching Mechanical Engineering

Specialties: Gas Hydrates, Stirling Engines, PHP, MySQL, Linux


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  • Cover image for the article called With Gaza war, movement to boycott Israel gains momentum in Europe

    With Gaza war, movement to…

    With Gaza war, movement to boycott Israel gains momentum in Europe Steven Erlanger,NYT News Service | Aug 29, 2014, 12.04 PM IST …



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    Mohamed Iqbal Pallipurath shared

    Online MBA Webinar – Development of Industrial Engineering

    NIBM Global offers free MBA webinars and MBA Lectures. Do visit for more details.




  • Image for Director


    IQSoft Software Consultants

     – Present 27 years 3 months

    We provide Web Design, Content Addition, Customized Software and Consultancy (in Software, Web Design and Mechanical Engineering)

  • Image for Professor


    TKM College of Engineering

     – Present 35 years


    Mechanical Engineering Department

  • Image for Mechanical Engineer

    Mechanical Engineer

    Saudi Oger Ltd.

     –  8 months

    Potable Water Project Al Jubail

  • Image for Mechanical Engineer(Technical consultant)

    Mechanical Engineer(Technical consultant)

    a company undertaking desalination and distribution of potable water

     –  10 months

    Saudi Oger
    Al Jubail

  • Image for Lecturer


    Anjuman Engineering College Bhatkal, Karnataka

     –  9 months

    Mechanical Engineering Department



  • Image for Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

    PhD, Cryogenic Engineering


    Activities and Societies: Gas Hydrates


  • Image for Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

    Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

    M. Tech., Thermal Engineering


    Activities and Societies: Thermal Engineering


  • Image for Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

    Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

    Master of Technology (M.Tech.), thermal engineering


    Activities and Societies: Gym


  • Image for TKM College of Engineering

    TKM College of Engineering

    BSc Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


    Activities and Societies: Mechanical Engineering

    BSC Engineering

  • Image for Kendriya Vidyalaya

    Kendriya Vidyalaya



    Activities and Societies: XI Std

    High School CBSE

  • Image for T.K.M. College of Engineering. Kerala

    T.K.M. College of Engineering. Kerala

    B.Sc Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

    BSc Engineering Mechanical Engineering



  • Image for The Data Scientist’s Toolbox

    The Data Scientist’s Toolbox

    Coursera, License 972134

     – Present

  • Image for From the Big Bang to Dark Energy

    From the Big Bang to Dark Energy

    Coursera, License 970706

     – Present

  • Image for From the Big Bang to Dark Energy

    From the Big Bang to Dark Energy

    Coursera, License

     – Present

  • Image for From the Big Bang to Dark Energy

    From the Big Bang to Dark Energy


     – Present



  • phd



  • Malayalam

  • Hindi

  • Urdu

  • Arabic

  • Tamil

  • Sanskrit

  • Bengali



  • One Day International Cricket

     – Present

    PHP code to create Official Identification

    Other creators
    • moby thomas
  • Kerala State Athletics Association Website

     – Present

    PHP software developed for conducting athletic championships

    Other creators
    • Tony Daniel



  • Effect of Bed Deformation on Natural Gas Production from Hydrates

    Journal of Petroleum Engineering, Hindawi

    This work is based on modelling studies in an axisymmetric framework. The thermal stimulation of hydrated sediment is taken to occur by a centrally placed heat source. The model includes the hydrate dissociation and its effect on sediment bed deformation and resulting effect on gas production. A finite element package was customized to simulate the gas production from natural gas hydrate by considering the deformation of submarine bed. Three sediment models have been used to simulate gas production. The effect of sediment deformation on gas production by thermal stimulation is studied. Gas production rate is found to increase with an increase in the source temperature. Porosity of the sediment and saturation of the hydrate both have been found to significantly influence the rate of gas production.

  • Dissociation and subsidence of hydrated sediment: coupled models

    Energy, Exploration & Exploitation Volume 27, Number 2

    Thermal dissociation of hydrated sediment by a pumped hot fluid is modeled. A radial heat flow from the hot pipe is assumed. The coordinate system is cylindrical. Three components (hydrate, methane and water) and three phases (hydrate, gas, and aqueous-phase) are considered in the simulator. The intrinsic kinetics of hydrate formation or dissociation is considered using the Kim-Bishnoi model. Mass transport, including two-phase flow, molecular diffusions and heat transfer involved in formation or dissociation of hydrates are included in the governing equations, which are discretized with finite volume difference method and are solved in an explicit manner. The strength deterioration of the hydrate bed as a result of dissociation is investigated with a geo-mechanical model. The way in which dissociation affects the bed strength is determined by plugging in the porosity and saturation change as a result of dissociation into the sediment collapse equations. A mechanism to measure the pore pressure changes occurring due to dissociation is developed. The rate of collapse as dissociation proceeds is determined and the model thus enables the definition of a safety envelope for gas hydrate drilling.



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  • Mr. Mohamed Iqbal is very hard working and enjoyable person. He has designed and developed many software applications. He has given inovative solution and consultation to many of his clients. It was great opportunity to work with him and learn many new fascinating things during my master’s studies at IIT Kharagpur. He passes his leisure time by playing computer games or listening old hindi songs. I am recommending him with my full support.

  • In very simple words i can say that Iqbal sir has proven that age is not a factor in learning especially in high end software applications. At IITkgp i have seen him trying all sorts of latest tools and managing well with them all. My best wishes are with him for bright future. Regards ashwani maloo

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    IIT Kharagpur

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    Faroook College

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