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Month: October 2020

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‘Boycott French products’ launched over Macron’s Anti Islam comments

Several Arab companies withdraw French products from supermarkets in response to Macron’s statements on Islam. Empty shelves cleared of French products after Kuwaiti supermarkets declared a boycott of French goods. Kuwait City, October 25, 2020 [Ahmed Hagagy/Reuters] (Reuters) 25 Oct 2020   Several Arab trade associations have announced a boycott of French products, in response…
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Why the Muslim Middle East Supports China’s Xinjiang Crackdown

Much as peace in Palestine has become less important to the Arab Gulf states’ foreign relations, so too does the Middle East’s silence on Xinjiang suggest that today’s regional governments are willing to compromise on peripheral interests if it means ensuring core ones. by Adam Lammon Follow AdamLammon on TwitterL   What is it that led Muslim…
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Muslim man denied German citizenship over handshake

  By Jackie Salo October 19, 2020 | 3:26pm   Enlarge Image Getty Images/iStockphoto     A German court ruled a Muslim man should be denied citizenship after he refused to shake the hand of a female immigration official due to religious reasons. The 40-year-old unidentified doctor from Lebanon applied for citizenship in 2012 and then aced the…
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Was Columbus’ Voyage to the “New World” Driven by Islamophobia?

HISTORY Was Columbus’ Voyage to the “New World” Driven by Islamophobia? Popular views of the explorer see him as intrepid adventurer or bungling murderer. But he was also a religious crusader. By REBECCA ONION OCT 12, 20205:55 AM TWEET SHARE COMMENT A hagiographic take of Christopher Columbus’ arrival. Images Plus Slate has relationships with various online…
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Computer Scientists Break Traveling Salesperson Record

After 44 years, there’s finally a better way to find approximate solutions to the notoriously difficult traveling salesperson problem. 6   READ LATER Islenia Mil for Quanta Magazine Erica Klarreich Contributing Correspondent October 8, 2020 VIEW PDF/PRINT MODE AlgorithmsComputational ComplexityComputer ScienceMathematicsPolynomialsTraveling Salesperson ProblemAll topics When Nathan Klein started graduate school two years ago, his advisers proposed a modest…
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This Twist on Schrödinger’s Cat Paradox Has Major Implications for Quantum Theory

A laboratory demonstration of the classic “Wigner’s friend” thought experiment could overturn cherished assumptions about reality By Zeeya Merali on August 17, 2020     Credit: Getty Images What does it feel like to be both alive and dead?               10 Sec           That question irked and inspired Hungarian-American…
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How Many Aliens Are in the Milky Way? Astronomers Turn to Statistics for Answers

The tenets of Thomas Bayes, an 18th-century statistician and minister, underpin the latest estimates of the prevalence of extraterrestrial life By Anil Ananthaswamy on July 16, 2020     Credit: Zihao Chen Getty Images In the 12th episode of Cosmos, which aired on December 14, 1980, the program’s co-creator and host Carl Sagan introduced television viewers to astronomer Frank Drake’s eponymous equation.…
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