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Month: November 2021

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Spinal Cord Neurons Regenerated With New Drug

New Class Of Drug Reverses Paralysis In Mice   By Issam AHMED11/11/21 AT 2:01 PM   US scientists have developed a new form of drug that promotes the regeneration of cells and reversed paralysis in mice with spinal injuries, allowing them to walk again within four weeks of treatment. The research was published in the journal…
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Story of the Atom Bomb

AN UNEARTHLY SPECTACLE The untold story of the world’s biggest nuclear bomb   By Alex WellersteinOctober 29, 2021   A cape on the Barents Sea shore of the island Novaya Zemlya was the target for the October 30, 1961 Tsar Bomba nuclear test. In the early hours of October 30, 1961, a bomber took off from…
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