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Medicinal properties of Neela Amari

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Neela Amari-Neelayamari(Indigofera tinctoria) A Natural Remedy for all Toxicities

Neela Amari or Neelayamari(നീലയമരി or Indigofera tinctoria)

Neela Amari or Neelayamari(Indigofera tinctoria) is native to South and SouthEast Asia.Neelayamari(നീലയമരി) is a woody shrub with a purple-blue colour flower.And the seeds of the herb is yellowish red.This is also known as Neela Amari, Indigo, Nil, Nili, Aviri etc.Neelayamari(നീലയമരി) is an oldest natural dye .The whole plant is dried and crushed in the form of powder.And this is used for dying purposes. This can be used in Ayurveda for many medicinal purposes.They are  They are for the treatment of gout, epilepsy, asthma, abdominal and spleen diseases, parasites, cough, poison, depression etc.


Neela Amari or Neelayamari(Indigofera tinctoria) As an Anti-Toxic

Crushed Neelamari Available from www.NatureLoc.Com

Crushed Neela Amari Available from www.NatureLoc.Com

Neela Amari (നീലയമരി)has a great effect as an antidote for the different type of toxicities.The toxicities which are caused by plants, animals and also from metals.This is also used for the treatment of poisonous mushroom consumption.This is also effective or arsenic poisoning.This is also used for the treatment of poisonous mushroom consumption.This is also effective or arsenic poisoning


How to use:-

  • For the treatment of toxicity due to animal or any insects byte. The whole plant is crushed into a paste .Then apply this paste to the bitten area .
  • The powdered dry leaves and the juice from the leaves can be given for toxicity.
  • The grounded root in the form of decoction can be used for all toxicities.


Uses of Neelayamari (Indigofera tinctoria) for Haircare

Neelamari Powder from

Neelayamari Powder 

One of the important use of Neelayamari(നീലയമരി) is its use in Haircare.The dried leaves can be used oil.This can promote hair growth.And also gives  conditioning for  hair.The powdered and dried leaves can be used as the natural dye.

  • Neelayamari(നീലയമരി) can be used for  proper functioning of digestive system
  • Neelayamari also has an antioxidant and antibacterial activity.
  • It can be used for relief from pain and for inflammations.


Crushed Neela Amari from

Crushed Neela Amari 

Neela Amari Powder available from

Neela Amari Powder